Project for Northwestern University!

Finally… I’m so happy to be able to talk about a fun project I had for Northwestern University’s Aphasia And Linguistics Research Lab from November 2017 to February 2018. I was tasked with creating illustrations to be used in their experiments.

First, I had to illustrate 49 different character archetypes from a carefully curated list provided by the lab and position them next to a neutral ambiguous character. A few examples are below…


Then, I had to illustrate a number of actions (again, provided by the lab), first with just the neutral ambiguous figures and then with different pairings of the 49 characters I’d previously drawn. A few examples of those are below…


All in all, there were 118 illustrations when said and done, and I couldn’t have had a more fun time working on them. Not only is it such an honor to contribute to medical and scientific research, but I also found myself getting attached to these silly generic characters I was drawing over and over again. Here’s what the kind folks at Northwestern had to say about working with me…

Adam’s drawings are beautiful and were perfect for the job. Working with him was so easy and enjoyable – he met all of our needs quickly and with the utmost care for high quality standards and attention to detail. We highly recommend Adam to anyone!

-Aphasia and Neurolinguistics Research Laboratory, Northwestern University

I can’t thank the fine folks at Northwestern for their kind words and this opportunity. It was such a pleasure and so friggin’ fun!

Go Wildcats! (Except when playing the Buckeyes…)


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