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Beneath the surface, this book is a revolutionary, eye-opening, in-depth analysis and commentary on the objectification and commoditization of fame and celebrity in popular culture. Okay, okay‚Ķ It’s actually just a quirky sort of guessing game featuring illustrations of random things with seemingly random names on them. Don’t overthink it…

I spent quite a lot of years – most of them in procrastination – dreaming of finishing and releasing a book featuring my illustrations. Now, finally, here it is – Famous Things! Born from a silly Dad-joke made by the grill one summer evening, it’s the kind of random humorous picture book that one might keep next to their toilet for some sporadic, light – hopefully pleasant, smooth, and satisfying – entertainment. Here’s a little preview:

Is your curiosity peaked? Hungry for more? Thirsty for more? Or simply feeling kind-hearted and generous enough to support an independent artist and publisher?

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