Illustrations used On Screen for Film/TV

American Greed – Ep. 135 – Aired: Feb. 27, 2017

(Produced by Kurtis Productions)

Concept/Pitch Art for Film/TV

Against The Shadow’s Grain (Feature Film) – Pre-production

Dead Draw (Feature Film) – Released 2017

Monolith (Feature Film) – Pre-production

Illustrations used in Animation

In the examples below, I was responsible for all of the hand-drawn components; and in most cases, for coloring them as well. As to the process behind them, I’m usually given a script and told by the director what the client would like to see for each scene. I’m then tasked with figuring out how to portray that scene and break it down into individual moving parts. Next, I prep each part and mock up each scene in “layers” so that a Motion Graphics Designer can bring it to life. Enjoy…

Various Campaign Commercials

(All Produced by AL Media)

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