Turn Enemies Into Allies – lessons from an Aikido master…

Judy Ringer is an incredibly accomplished Aikido master and author. In April, she’ll be publishing her latest book called Turn Enemies Into Allies, which can educate all of us – Aikido practitioner or not – on how to use Aikido’s principals and teachings to resolve conflict in our workplace and everyday life. Something I think could be VERY important and relevant these days.

I had the honor of creating the illustrations used in the book. You can check out a sample of the book here – https://www.calameo.com/read/005570974adf4d8a01b2a

And go ahead – place a Pre-Order! – you, and your new peaceful workplace, will thank me later!

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I’m in an Internet Article…I’m Famous!!!

Okay, lemme back up…I’M not in an article on the Internet, but an animated ad I did all the illustrations for sure is! This was a political ad I worked on for the fine folks at AL Media here in Chicago – it’s the only animated one in the article about two thirds of the way down. Granted, I’ve never heard of the publication VOX, but it’s still quite an honor to see my work recognized.

Here’s the article: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/10/11/17675314/democrats-republicans-political-ads-2018-midterms

Here’s a link to just the ad itself: https://youtu.be/ZlrMfcdGIMo

Sooo maybe I’m not world famous…I’m just A-piece-I-worked-on-is-in-an-article-on-the-Internet-for-one-day famous. I can’t let it go to my head…but it’s still pretty damn cool!

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Project for Northwestern University!

Finally… I’m so happy to be able to talk about a fun project I had for Northwestern University’s Aphasia And Linguistics Research Lab from November 2017 to February 2018. I was tasked with creating illustrations to be used in their experiments.

First, I had to illustrate 49 different character archetypes from a carefully curated list provided by the lab and position them next to a neutral ambiguous character. A few examples are below…


Then, I had to illustrate a number of actions (again, provided by the lab), first with just the neutral ambiguous figures and then with different pairings of the 49 characters I’d previously drawn. A few examples of those are below…


All in all, there were 118 illustrations when said and done, and I couldn’t have had a more fun time working on them. Not only is it such an honor to contribute to medical and scientific research, but I also found myself getting attached to these silly generic characters I was drawing over and over again. Here’s what the kind folks at Northwestern had to say about working with me…

Adam’s drawings are beautiful and were perfect for the job. Working with him was so easy and enjoyable – he met all of our needs quickly and with the utmost care for high quality standards and attention to detail. We highly recommend Adam to anyone!

-Aphasia and Neurolinguistics Research Laboratory, Northwestern University

I can’t thank the fine folks at Northwestern for their kind words and this opportunity. It was such a pleasure and so friggin’ fun!

Go Wildcats! (Except when playing the Buckeyes…)


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A Million Dreams

This past spring, I was commissioned by a client in Houston, TX to draw an illustration incorporating lyrics from the song “A Million Dreams” from the movie The Greatest Showman. He then blew up the illustrations and had them printed on canvas to hang in his two daughters’ rooms.

I was given pretty much complete creative freedom with this one. I drew this illustrations digitally on my Cintiq Companion 1 using Clip Studio Pro, colored it in Photoshop CC, and vectorized it using “Live Trace” in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Hope you enjoy and never stop dreaming…

Black & White Version

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Sister Bands (Commission)

I was recently commission by Megan Lupica of Columbus, OH to illustrate a photo of her two daughters in my style. It was given as an anniversary present to her husband. Many thanks to her for this one. I think it turned out pretty darn adorable…

In Process…

Original Photograph

To check out similar pieces, head on over to my Private Commissions section!

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Atomic Sketch Event – February 22, 2018

Every last Thursday of the month, the bar Green Eye Lounge in Chicago, IL hosts the Atomic Sketch Event, and this past February I was honored to be asked to participate (See how excited I am?)

Essentially, 5-6 Illustrators are able to drink and draw, hanging up their artwork as they finish it and selling it for whatever price they feel like. I’ve posted here what I created over the course of four hours and numerous beers! Happy to say I sold all of these pieces and had an incredible time! Many thanks to those kind and generous patrons who handed over their hard-earned drinking money for my doodles.


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Kamikazee Vigilante – Murk (Album Art)

When I’m in the mood for some instrumental prog rock, one of my favorite Chicago-based bands is hands-down Kamikazee Vigilante. Granted, I’m a little biased in that I’ve been doing artwork for these musically talented badasses for awhile; however, I recently had the honor of doing all the artwork for their latest EP “Murk” – a new pinnacle in my involvement with them.

The album will be available on iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, and Spotify starting February 9, 2018 – just 1 week from now as I write this! A physical copy can be purchased either through CDBaby or by coming to their album release show at Tonic Room in Chicago on February 9th.

In the meantime, check them out at https://kkvband.bandcamp.com

Enjoy… and Rock On!

The Vigilantes…

Physical Copy – INSIDE

Physical Copy – BACK

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Aaarrrgh…New Pirate-themed Album Art!

Ukulele Jim is a talented California-based Musician and Writer who’s just released a recording of his version of “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)”. Check it out (and his other albums) on his website HERE. This Summer, he’ll be releasing a full-length album of kid’s music (featuring this song…), for which I’ve been honored to be asked to do the artwork. So stay tuned for that… But in the meantime, below are a couple more swashbuckling versions of this artwork. Enjoy…

Initial Rough Ideas and Concepts…




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Happy New Year!!!

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