Timeless 2 – Commissioned Illustration

Was honored to be commissioned for this illustration by a good friend to be given as a Christmas present to her husband…

It was based on an old grandfather clock that had been in his family (pictured below)…

Eventually, I’ll be selling 8×10 prints of this illustration on my Etsy page, so stayed tuned for that 🙂

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Gobble, Gobble…

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a 4×6 postcard commission by Coldwell Banker that will be colored and given to patients at a VA Hospital that aren’t able to be home for the holiday. It was an honor to create this to say the least 🙂

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GO BROWNIES… Chi-Town Dawg Pound 2019 Designs!

For the past number of seasons, I’ve had the honor of designing the Tee Shirts for the Cleveland Browns Backers Club in Chicago called Chi-Town Dawg Pound. This year was the 10 Season as a club. Here’s how the Tees turned out…

This year, I also completed two HUGE banners to be hung at the viewing parties…


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Ukulele Jim’s “Hop To It!” – Available for Pre-Order!

The wonderful Ukulele Jim’s second album of kids’ music is available for Pre-Order!

Over the last year, I’ve had the honor of completing all the artwork for it. It was quite challenging but hugely rewarding, and I couldn’t be more proud of the end result. If you have kiddos, I guarantee they will love this album and love these tunes.


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Fine Arts Logo Design

Here’s an illustrative logo design I recently did for Saint Juliana School‘s Fine Arts Association in Chicago, IL. As you can imagine, being an artist, it was a huge honor – and a bit of pressure to be asked to do this. I’m so grateful for the opportunity!

They are planning to put the logo on the back of a hoody. I’m a big fan of hoodies! Here’s a mockup and front graphic I provided for them as well…

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Ronnie the Woodsman!

Many many thanks to the wonderful Diane Dunn for commissioning this traced portrait of her husband Ronnie. It’s from when he was in a short film called Harp Brothers. I loved every woodsy bluegrass-fueled second of making this!

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“Little Wonderful You” by Ukulele Jim – OUT NOW!

Here’s cover artwork for the sweet, sentimental, ultra-kid-friendly tune “Little Wonderful You” by the talented and super good guy Ukulele Jim. It was released today – check it out on all platforms (for stream AND purchase)! This song will be on a full album called “Hop To It!” being released this Summer – which I was also honored to do the artwork for. Enjoy, you wonderful you’s!

Here’s a link to the YouTube

Here it is for stream AND purchase on all platforms

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Them Three Bluesy and Incredible Kings…

A client recently commissioned three illustrations of these literal and figurative Kings of blues music to hang in his guitar room. I couldn’t be more proud of how BB, Albert, and Freddie turned out, and love listening to all their tunes along the way!

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For All The Moms…

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