A Million Dreams

This past spring, I was commissioned by a client in Houston, TX to draw an illustration incorporating lyrics from the song “A Million Dreams” from the movie The Greatest Showman. He then blew up the illustrations and had them printed on canvas to hang in his two daughters’ rooms.

I was given pretty much complete creative freedom with this one. I drew this illustrations digitally on my Cintiq Companion 1 using Clip Studio Pro, colored it in Photoshop CC, and vectorized it using “Live Trace” in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Hope you enjoy and never stop dreaming…

Black & White Version

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Sister Bands (Commission)

I was recently commission by Megan Lupica of Columbus, OH to illustrate a photo of her two daughters in my style. It was given as an anniversary present to her husband. Many thanks to her for this one. I think it turned out pretty darn adorable…

In Process…

Original Photograph

To check out similar pieces, head on over to my Private Commissions section!

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Atomic Sketch Event – February 22, 2018

Every last Thursday of the month, the bar Green Eye Lounge in Chicago, IL hosts the Atomic Sketch Event, and this past February I was honored to be asked to participate (See how excited I am?)

Essentially, 5-6 Illustrators are able to drink and draw, hanging up their artwork as they finish it and selling it for whatever price they feel like. I’ve posted here what I created over the course of four hours and numerous beers! Happy to say I sold all of these pieces and had an incredible time! Many thanks to those kind and generous patrons who handed over their hard-earned drinking money for my doodles.


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Kamikazee Vigilante – Murk (Album Art)

When I’m in the mood for some instrumental prog rock, one of my favorite Chicago-based bands is hands-down Kamikazee Vigilante. Granted, I’m a little biased in that I’ve been doing artwork for these musically talented badasses for awhile; however, I recently had the honor of doing all the artwork for their latest EP “Murk” – a new pinnacle in my involvement with them.

The album will be available on iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, and Spotify starting February 9, 2018 – just 1 week from now as I write this! A physical copy can be purchased either through CDBaby or by coming to their album release show at Tonic Room in Chicago on February 9th.

In the meantime, check them out at https://kkvband.bandcamp.com

Enjoy… and Rock On!

The Vigilantes…

Physical Copy – INSIDE

Physical Copy – BACK

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Aaarrrgh…New Pirate-themed Album Art!

Ukulele Jim is a talented California-based Musician and Writer who’s just released a recording of his version of “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)”. Check it out (and his other albums) on his website HERE. This Summer, he’ll be releasing a full-length album of kid’s music (featuring this song…), for which I’ve been honored to be asked to do the artwork. So stay tuned for that… But in the meantime, below are a couple more swashbuckling versions of this artwork. Enjoy…

Initial Rough Ideas and Concepts…




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Happy New Year!!!

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Dead Draw… Now Playing!

Four criminals try to escape their past and survive the night. They realize someone knows about the $25 million, the plane to Mexico and the killing of the getaway pilot. As loyalty turns to suspicion, friends become enemies…

I am so proud to be a part of the production company (Rocket3) that created this great independent heist thriller! For this film, I first worked as the Storyboard Artist and then on set at the 2nd AC. After a successful year in the festival circuit, we’re now airing on Showtime. Head over to http://www.sho.com/titles/3452684/dead-draw .

Also, check out our website at deaddrawmovie.com.


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Happy Flying, Tom Petty…

I only got into Tom Petty’s music over the last 5 years or so, but once I did, I felt like it had been with me my whole life. His songs are transcendent, timeless, unforgettable, and just plain damn cool. I’ll miss him. The least I could do was draw him. Fly on, Tom!


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Brutus the Carved Buckeye…Nice work, Chad!

So happy to give a shoutout and some major props to Chad Rombach of Toledo, OH for this incredibly cool carving of The Ohio State Buckeyes mascot Brutus the Buckeye. Nice work, good sir! Considering he claims to have only just started learning how to carve, I’m incredibly impressed. Notice the championship years along the side? An excellent touch too!

This carving is based on an illustration I did a few years ago for a t-shirt for Butcher’s Tap in Chicago, IL. Chad came across it after doing a Google search for Brutus the Buckeye images and then went to town.

As a professional illustrator, I can think of few greater honors than for someone to be inspired by your artwork and then use it to create a cool work of their own. Cheers to you, Chad!

Here’s the original illustration from back in 2014…


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