Fine Arts Logo Design

Here’s an illustrative logo design I recently did for Saint Juliana School‘s Fine Arts Association in Chicago, IL. As you can imagine, being an artist, it was a huge honor – and a bit of pressure to be asked to do this. I’m so grateful for the opportunity!

They are planning to put the logo on the back of a hoody. I’m a big fan of hoodies! Here’s a mockup and front graphic I provided for them as well…

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Ronnie the Woodsman!

Many many thanks to the wonderful Diane Dunn for commissioning this traced portrait of her husband Ronnie. It’s from when he was in a short film called Harp Brothers. I loved every woodsy bluegrass-fueled second of making this!

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“Little Wonderful You” by Ukulele Jim – OUT NOW!

Here’s cover artwork for the sweet, sentimental, ultra-kid-friendly tune “Little Wonderful You” by the talented and super good guy Ukulele Jim. It was released today – check it out on all platforms (for stream AND purchase)! This song will be on a full album called “Hop To It!” being released this Summer – which I was also honored to do the artwork for. Enjoy, you wonderful you’s!

Here’s a link to the YouTube

Here it is for stream AND purchase on all platforms

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Them Three Bluesy and Incredible Kings…

A client recently commissioned three illustrations of these literal and figurative Kings of blues music to hang in his guitar room. I couldn’t be more proud of how BB, Albert, and Freddie turned out, and love listening to all their tunes along the way!

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For All The Moms…

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Turn Enemies Into Allies – Available NOW!

I was honored to provide the illustrations – and a few diagrams – featured in this excellent and very insightful book by Aikido Master and public speaker Judy Ringer. Backed by decades of experience and instruction, she is an expert in conflict resolution and communication. Order your digital or paperback copy today – your coworkers will thank you!

Click HERE to order

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Punk Is Dad!!!

A good buddy – and proud father of three kiddos – commissioned this fun lil’ illustration to accompany his #punkisdad hashtag. ROCK ON!!!

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A Spoonful of Sugar…and a Custom Poster!

This show may have passed, but I’m still very proud of how this poster turned out – and also SUPER proud of how well the kiddos at Saint Juliana did with this production. I’m not much of a theatre guy, but they impressed the hell out of me, and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

In fact, the school also asked me to design tee shirts using the poster art…

Thanks for the opportunity, Saint Juliana!

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My Grandma’s Little Book Of Poetry – OUT NOW!

At 93 years old, my Grandma is still a force to be reckoned with. A force of Love. A force of Kindness. A force of Good, and a reflection of all that is still wholesome in this world.
She is also a poet. This past Summer, my Aunt Judy suggested that we compile and publish her 70+ poems into a book. At first, I admit, with as busy of a season as I was having, this seemed like a very daunting task. Not only could I not refuse to do this, but given that it’s my Grandma, there was no way I could half-ass this. I wanted this to be the best damn looking little book of poetry on the planet!
With the help of my Aunt Judy, her assistant Tracie, and a wonderful Foreword written by my Aunt Paula, I spent the next few months laying out and illustrating this book. Not surprisingly, it’s the biggest labor of Love I’ve ever had the honor and pleasure of working on, and I couldn’t possibly be more proud of how it turned out. We blew my expectations and aspirations for this project right out of the water, and the look on my Grandma’s face when we presented a 1st print of it to her will always remain a priceless highlight of my life.
Feel free to click the link and check out the book on Amazon. Hell, maybe even purchase a copy for yourself! And although I know it’s not possible, perhaps you’ll find yourself loving my Grandma as much as I do. At the very least, it is a reminder that even at 93, your words and creativity can still flourish, bring joy to others, and show us that there is still some beauty and goodness out there 🙂
Below are some sample pages from the book…
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