One Small Buckeye Dream Come True…

As a huge fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes football team, I’ve always wanted to do an illustration for the organization. And although Urban Meyer himself has not yet requested one; nonetheless, my friend and graphic designer Kristen Caston asked me to illustrate Brutus the Buckeye for a T-shirt for a Buckeyes bar in Chicago called Butcher’s Tap. Couldn’t have been more honored to help! GO BUCKEYES!!!

Here’s the illustration with the coloring and layout completed by Kristen…

Butchers Tap Buckeyes Design AUG 2014


Below are a picture of the “real” Brutus and my original illustration…


Butchers Tap Brutus Illus WEB


And here’s me happily receiving one from Jake, the host of the Buckeye madness at Butcher’s Tap in Chicago. Go Bucks!

2014-09-06 21.48.37

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