“Quality” – Client: AL Media / Operating Engineers

“CAT Rebuild” – Client: Odd Machine Inc. / CAT

“Cuban TV” – Client: Odd Machine Inc. / Potbelly

“Osmosis” – Client: Schawk! Productions / Kraft

“Any Of Us” – Client: Left Hook / DCCC

“Business Woman” – Client: ContagiousLA / ComEd

“Wilderness” – Client: Left Hook

“Thrive More” – Client: AL Media / Abrams for Governor

“Build” – Client: Left Hook Inc. / Young For Mayor

“Beauty Back Bra” – Client: Pirrello Digital Imaging / Vanity Fair

“Repair Options” – Client: Odd Machine Inc. / CAT

“Hizentra” (Key Frames) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.

“Need For Speed” (Key Frames) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.

“CAT Connect” – Client: Odd Machine Inc. / CAT

“CAT Bucket List” (Excerpt) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.

This spot posed a fun challenge of coming up with many funny scenarios that could all be shot from one angle on a soundstage using only props and a green-screen. Here are some we came up with…

“CAT Fluids” (Animatic) – Client: Odd Machine Inc. / CAT

I contributed all of the illustrations used in this animatic. The animation was done by the very talented and super cool Peter Stepnoski. Enjoy…

Examples of Hero Boards created for a concept pitches…

“Better Than New” – Client: Odd Machine / CAT

“Shine Brighter” – Client: Beam Suntory / Makers Mark

Occasionally – whether it’s to save money, time, or both – a client will only need to ask for rough storyboards to help them plan and keep their shoot on track. Here are a couple examples of rough board sheets…

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