“Quality” (Excerpt) – Client: AL Media / Operating Engineers


“Osmosis” – Client: Schawk! Productions / Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese


“Thrive More” – Client: AL Media / Abrams for Governor

“Need For Speed” (Key Frames) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.


“CAT Connect” (Pitch Boards) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.


Concept for a music video for Kan Wakan’s “The Rain” – Client: Rocket3 Productions


“Road to Ruido Fest” – Client: 11 Dollar Bill / Toyota


“Whisked Away” – Client: Odd Machine Inc.


“Fire” – Client: AL Media


“Good Talk” – Client: AL Media


 “Chopping Block” – Client: AL Media


“Bare Necessities” – Client: Herbert Bros. Productions


“Odd Invitation” – Client: Odd Machine Inc.

This was a stop-motion animated invite sent out by Odd Machine Inc. inviting local producers to a cocktail reception at their new Chicago post production house.


“Dead Draw” – Feature Film (Filmed: JAN 2014 – Released: OCT 2017)

Check out the trailer and latest Dead Draw news HERE


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