“Quality” (Excerpt) – Client: AL Media / Operating Engineers


“Osmosis” – Client: Schawk! Productions / Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese


“Thrive More” – Client: AL Media / Abrams for Governor

“Need For Speed” (Key Frames) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.


“CAT Connect” (Pitch Boards) – Client: Odd Machine Inc.


Concept for a music video for Kan Wakan’s “The Rain” – Client: Rocket3 Productions


“Road to Ruido Fest” – Client: 11 Dollar Bill / Toyota


“Whisked Away” – Client: Odd Machine Inc.


“Fire” – Client: AL Media


“Good Talk” – Client: AL Media


 “Chopping Block” – Client: AL Media


“Bare Necessities” – Client: Herbert Bros. Productions


“Odd Invitation” – Client: Odd Machine Inc.

This was a stop-motion animated invite sent out by Odd Machine Inc. inviting local producers to a cocktail reception at their new Chicago post production house.


“Dead Draw” – Feature Film (Filmed: JAN 2014 – Released: OCT 2017)

Check out the trailer and latest Dead Draw news HERE


Occasionally – whether it’s to save money, time, or both – a client will only need to ask for rough storyboards to help plan and keep their shoot on track. Here’s an example of sheets of rough boards that were done in February 2018 for a client’s campaign advertisement (I’ve marked out any names for privacy sake)…


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