Lip Think Press…

I had the honor of creating two illustrative logos for the California-based writer/musician James Clark for his publishing company Lip Think Press. Not considering myself a “graphic designer”, I’m not normally one to take on a logo design project; however James assured me that he was looking for something that felt more like a vintage illustration than a sleek modern vector design – now, that I could handle! Not only did we come up with two great logos – one for larger display and one for smaller uses such as comic logos and business cards – but it was a lot of fun. Of course fun and creativity are what James Clark and Lip Think Press seem to be all about – please check him out here.


Help save a veteran’s life…

Each day, on average, 22 veteran’s of our military commit suicide. That’s tragically astounding, and we can help to prevent these deaths! Mission 22 is an organization set up to help those men and women that have served in the U.S. military and are struggling with mental issues. 

I was honored to be asked to design this poster and will also be performing a half-hour set of original music at the event itself. If you’re in the Chicago area, please come out and support!

For tickets click here.

Look, Mom, I’m on TV!!! Kinda…

On a bus ride on for this past Christmas, I got a random email from a producer for the CNBC show American Greed. She had worked at an ad agency in Chicago that I’d done some work for back when I first started freelancing. She’d tracked me down and was now wondering if I could create some comic book art to help tell the tragic story of Homer Marciniak, an elderly man who had his vintage comic book collection stolen and ended up dying as a result of the trauma. I jumped at the chance and below are my contributions to the episode.

I’d like to thank all the wonderful and talented folks at Kurtis Productions for making this awesome experience possible! I also highly encourage you to check out American Greed on CNBC on Mondays at 10e/9c.


The complete pages used in throughout the segment…


Lagunitas Beer Circus 2016…poster for a freak show…and puppies!!!

Now that the Lagunitas Beer Circus 2016 is over, I can finally share the poster I created for it! The good folks at Lagunitas had 115 of these bad boys screen printed, numbered, and sold to raise money for Paws Chicago. They sold out in only a couple hours!! Many thanks to Andrew, Jeremy, and the rest of the great peeps at Lagunitas for making this Chicago illustrator feel like a VIP and giving me a commission and experience I’ll never forget!


Some pics from the event…beer-circus-photo-02beer-circus-photo-01beer-circus-photo-03














Here are the early pencilled versions of the poster…













Tough Break Kid – Stumblin’ Mumbly Cover Art!


I was recently commissioned to design and draw the cover for Chicago artist Tough Break Kid’s latest release Stumblin’ Mumbly. It was a huge honor, and TBK really put a lot of faith and trust in my ideas and execution.

I highly encourage you to check out this artist and the album itself. He’s a great blend of electronic, acid jazz, and hip-hop. If you’re anything like me, and you enjoy throwing on instrumental music with great grooves while you’re getting work done throughout the day, Stumblin’ Mumbly will more than hit the spot!!

Click HERE…and enjoy!


The album illustration itself


Ink & Pencil versions


Initial Rough concept (completed on a library receipt)


Frank N Stein – Book Cover


This past February, I finally got the opportunity to illustrate my first book cover. Many thanks to R.G. Storm (his pen-name, to which he will be referred out of respect for his privacy). This was him and his co-author’s first book, and I couldn’t have been more honored to have been a part of it!

As for the backstory, I was lucky to stumble upon R.J.’s Craigslist posting for an illustrator. He received numerous applicants, but settled on yours truly. R.J. was a pleasure to work with – all through email – as he knew right off the bat what he wanted and even sent a bunch of reference materials – including a sketch, found photos, and color swatches – to get me started. Many artists demand a certain level of creative freedom; however, inversely, I take great pleasure in being able to bring a client’s idea to life. Even still, he gave me considerable range in terms of composition and coloring. All in all, it was a very comfortable and collaborative experience!

R.G. had some very kind words to say about the experience:

“In addition to being a superb illustrator, Adam listens carefully to what you need, anticipates solutions and offers great suggestions for the drawing, making sure you are 100% satisfied. He took my concept to a much higher level than I expected and I couldn’t have asked for a better job. Highly recommended.”

Can’t thank ya enough, R.G., and best of luck to ya!

Frank N Stein will be available Spring 2016 in E-book format. Please give it a read and show your support for independent publishing!


Frank_ConceptSketch03 Frank_ConceptSketch01

(Original Rough Sketches)


(Pencilled Final Version)


(This was the author’s original concept sketch – where it all began…)

Borrow Tomorrow Album Cover

I had the honor of coming up with and illustrating the cover for the Indiana band Borrow Tomorrow’s album release March 3rd, 2016. I’ve been friends with and a fan of the band for a while now. Please check them out at You can also give a listen on Spotify and iTunes as well. Cheers!


Below are the original element I drew traditionally and scanned. The band name and layout were then completed using Photoshop CS6.